Dairy Farm Benefits From LO/MIT IRCC

November 19th, 2012 LO/MIT, SOLEC

A large dairy farm in Ohio recently applied LO/MIT-II MAX Interior Radiation Control Coating to some of its structures and immediately noticed an improvement in interior temperatures as well as heat relief for the cattle. The progressive owner of this 1,500-cow facility is continually looking for ways to save money as the costs for milk production keep rising. The search for technologies to improve comfort for the animals (which leads to increased milk production) and to reduce facility operating costs has led him to a viable, low-cost solution by installing LO/MIT-II MAX IRCC. LO/MIT applied to the under-surface of the roof decking of barns and other agricultural structures lessens the amount of heat radiated from the roof, lowering temperatures felt by the livestock in the heat of the summer. LO/MIT also lowers costs associated with temperature control – cooling fans or other air conditioning systems in the summer as well as improved heating performance in the winter when using radiant heat sources. In addition, LO/MIT’s high reflectivity helps increase interior lighting levels.



Sorry I didn’t get to it until it was dark. We ended up doing the holding area as well as cross alleys. We just pressure washed the ceiling then applied your product. I can tell a difference in the cows but also can feel a difference myself walking underneath it. I took some temp readings as well, and it showed a difference of about 15 degrees of a black surface under the roof.
I can take some more pictures in the daylight.


L. V.




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