Residential Applications


Attic Radiant Heat Barrier Paint
for energy conservation and heat & light reflection

LO/MIT attic heat barrier is a coating specially formulated to reduce summer radiant heat gain from the roof into the attic. LO/MIT is a silver-colored, non-thickness dependent, low emissivity radiant barrier paint (Interior Radiation Control Coating System- IRCCS), which may be used in almost any application where infrared (heat) reflectivity or diffuse light reflectivity is required. Cool your attic and lower utility costs by applying LO/MIT to the underside of your roof deck and rafters! Easily applied with standard airless paint sprayers, LO/MIT is the most economical way to install radiant heat barrier technology in your home.

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LOMITInstallLogo4FinalLO/MIT is classified by ASTM as an Interior Radiation Control Coating System (IRCCS) and offers the following unique features:

  • Cools attics, saves up to 15% or more on A/C bills*
  • Increase comfort in attic and home, raise resale value
  • Low cost, easy to install and retrofit to existing and older homes
  • DIY or contractor installed, One operator can easily apply 1000 ft.²/hr
  • Lowest emissivity in the industry (reflects the most heat)
    LO/MIT-II MAX e=0.15, LO/MIT-II e=0.17, LO/MIT-I e=0.21
  • Independently tested
  • Full 5.0 gallon pail covers approx. 2,000 square feet**
  • Excellent Shelf Life: Re-usable After Opening up to 1 Year from DOM
  • One coat application, easily spray or roller applied
  • One component system, no primer needed, cleanup with soap & water
  • Water-based, low VOC formulation
  • Safely applied in enclosed spaces
  • Class A Fire Rated, RIMA-I Certified for Energy Efficiency
  • Conforms to ASTM Standard #C1321 for Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems (IRCCS)
  • Moisture permeable, mold resistant, electrically non-conductive
  • Unaffected by rodents, birds and insects
  • Will not damage roof shingles or void shingle warranty
  • No maintenance or re-coat needed when applied under roof
  • Increases lighting levels in the attic
  • Can be used as an exterior paint on flat roofs, mobile homes and trailers (LO/MIT-I only)
  • Developed and manufactured in U.S.A.

*Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics.
**Substrate/application method dependent


When I bought some Lo/Mitt Max last winter I called your help line to ask some questions about sprayer settings.  I told the helpful rep that I was using the product to spray the inside of a metal carport that I use for a run in shed for my cattle to get out of the summertime Texas heat.  He ask me to let them know how it turns out.  Well, I applied the radiant barrier in February to give it a good cure time before I let the cattle in.  It’s now July and hot as blazes here.  The steers really seem to like the now comfortable shelter all day long.  Last year before I used your product when it was 98 degrees out, it was about 105+ degrees in the metal shelter.  This year, I measured the outside temp at 97 degrees in the sun and inside the shelter it was 95!  I put up a fan to move the air around and it is so much more comfortable in there it is amazing.  Your product is awesome and the boys thank you.

Gary, TX
I recall that your recommendation was to wait on the insulation and see what results we would derive from just the LO/MIT application. I am glad that we waited – this has really shown me what the product will do. After the application, I estimate that the temperature has dropped 15F! So far I am impressed. The product really works.
Charles, FL
Prior to the coating, I had been in the addition a number of times watching the construction in progress. At that time I noted the sweltering heat and the sweat pouring off the workers. Following the coating, I again ventured into the building and was amazed by the difference. Not only did I notice a lack of heat, all the workers were talking about how comfortable it was to work.
Gary, FL
Before the application of LO/MIT, we were unable to decrease the temperature in our home below 80 degrees even with the air conditioner running all the time. After the application of LO/MIT to one-half of our roof we were able to decrease the temperature inside to 78 degrees and still have the air conditioner cycle periodically. We have found there appears to be a significant decrease in our power consumption for air conditoning.
Thomas, FL
Having studied the various technologies, we have found the inclusion of a radiant barrier to be extremely economical in the reduction of heat load associated with attic spaces. Although we initially utilized foil type barriers, we now use LO/MIT liquid radiant barriers as we have found them to be effective, easily applied and economical.
Scott, FL
We use this product and it is extremely cost effective, efficient at what it does and quick and easy to install. We have and will continue to use this product because bottom line it delivers!
Reedie, NC
We have found this product to be an extremely cost effective, energy efficient and time saving way of achieving a radiant barrier in the buildings we design. We are certain that our clients are realizing significant savings in their monthly energy costs in our hot and sunny environment and we plan to continue to specify LO/MIT radiant barriers in the future.
Frank, FL

This made a big difference in the temp of our attic, living in Florida, as well as keeping the house cooler and air conditioner not coming on as much as before we applied this to the ceiling in our attic. Well worth the effort and cost.

Bonnie, FL
What is Low-e?

Cooler Homes: The LO/MIT Difference

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Invented in 1978 by SOLEC for use in solar applications, LO/MIT went commercial by 1986 after research at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) showed its potential benefits for cooling buildings in warmer climates. Because of its low thermal emissivity and high reflectivity characteristics, LO/MIT is an ideal low-cost technology to reduce unwanted summer radiant heat gain in homes and buildings. Just like low-e windows, LO/MIT’s low-e characteristics reflect radiant heat.

LO/MIT-II and LO/MIT-II MAX are recommended for all interior applications.
LO/MIT-I is recommended for all exterior and roof top applications or projects that require extremely fast drying times.

Applications that may involve some future abrasion, such as sidewalls or metal garage doors are excellent applications for LO/MIT-I or LO/MIT-II.

The vast majority of the radiant heat gain in the home comes through the roof, however many structures can also benefit from having LO/MIT installed on sidewalls and garage doors. LO/MIT can also provide comfort to outboard structures like sheds, garages, barns and other storage buildings. In some cases where the undersurface is inaccessible, LO/MIT can be used as a rooftop coating. Please contact the factory for help with your project.

Disclaimer: this video uses an older Energy Star logo in reference to rooftop applications.
Please visit Energy Star to learn more about the program or click here to see LO/MIT-I’s Energy Star rooftop certification.