Industrial Applications


Radiant Barrier Coating
for energy conservation and heat & light reflection


LO/MIT used on APU exhaust

The LO/MIT radiant barrier coatings are paints formulated to reduce radiant heat transfer. They can be used in a diverse variety of applications, from buildings and structures, to process piping, plastics, automotive and aerospace parts, radiant heaters, lighting fixtures and other appliances, various military and testing applications and much more. The possibilities are endless! LO/MIT is a silver-colored, non-thickness dependent, low emissivity radiant barrier paint, which may be used in almost any application where infrared (heat) reflectivity or diffuse light reflectivity is required. Because of their low thermal emissivity and high reflectivity characteristics, LO/MIT can reduce unwanted radiant heat transfer on a wide range of substrates, geometries and conditions that are very difficult for other radiant barrier technologies to go, all with minimal affect on dimensionality and weight. Easily applied with standard airless paint sprayers, LO/MIT is the most economical way to apply radiant heat barrier technology to any system or process.

The LO/MIT coatings have many unique properties that make them ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications:

  • Low Cost
  • Low Weight (less than 0.001 gm/sq-ft)
  • Lowest Emissivity Available in a Spray-On (LO/MIT-II MAX, 0.145)
  • High Temperature Tolerance to +1000°F (538°C)
  • Excellent Adhesion and Flexibility, Even On Plastics and Rubber
  • Solvent-based and Water-based Versions Available
  • Easily Applied via Roller, Hand-held Sprayer, or Automated Equipment
  • Low “e” (Emissivity), High Diffuse Reflectivity
  • Electrically Nonconductive
  • Very Low Viscosity (2-4cP)
  • Smooth, Reflective Surface
  • Excellent Weather Durability on Exterior Surfaces
  • UV Resistant and Moisture Permeable
  • Excellent on Process Piping Where High Temperature Heat Loss is a Problem
  • 1-Part, Pre-mixed, Ready for Use, 1 Coat
  • Long Shelf Life: Re-usable After Opening
  • Excellent Protective Coating on Exterior Primed Metal Surfaces
  • Excellent Reflector for Infrared and Lighting Applications
  • Energy Star Certified Roof Coating
  • RIMA-I Certified for Energy Efficiency
  • Safely Applied in Enclosed Spaces
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Water-based, Low VOC Coatings (LO/MIT-II & LO/MIT-II MAX)
  • Part of the Florida State Energy Code
  • Conforms to ASTM Standard #C 1321-98 for Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems (IRCCS)
  • Independently Tested
  • Proven Energy Saving Product Since 1986
  • 100% Silicone Polymer, Extremely UV Resistant
  • All Packaging is Certified and Available for Export
tanks and pressure vessels

LO/MIT used on tanks and pressure vessels

LO/MIT Radiant Barrier Coatings are ideally suited for reflective heat and light applications where use of foil-type products can be prohibitively expensive or not feasible. Its excellent adhesion and thin contiguous film build allows applications on a wide variety of substrates and geometries. Easily applied via roller, hand-held sprayer or with automated equipment. Plastics may require surface treatment to increase adhesion and should be tested for compatibility with LO/MIT-I (Xylene). LO/MIT-II and LO/MIT-II MAX have not been found to react adversely with most plastic substrates.

Their high temperature tolerance, low emissivity, excellent adhesion, UV resistance, flexibility, and weather-durability make them unique in the field of high technology industrial coatings.

LO/MIT helps plastic thermoforming machine

LO/MIT helps plastic thermoforming machine

LO/MIT-I is recommended for all exterior and roof top applications or projects that require extremely fast drying times.

LO/MIT-II and LO/MIT-II MAX are recommended for all interior applications.

The LO/MIT coatings are naturally soft after curing and will wear quickly in high abrasion environments. LO/MIT-I and LO/MIT-II are better used in applications where some light abrasion is possible. LO/MIT-II MAX should be avoided in applications where abrasion is possible.

Since industrial applications are virtually unlimited with many varied substrates and conditions, please contact the factory directly to discuss your particular needs and which LO/MIT Radiant Barrier Coating would be ideally suited for your application parameters. Use the form below for pricing inquiries.