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solarpaintthumbnailSun & Wind Energy 10/2011:
Solar Paint: By Machine Instead of By Hand

The history of paints for solar absorbers is at the same time a history of processing technology. While at first, they were painted on by hand by hobby enthusiasts, they have now for many years been applied with spraying machines by collector manufacturers. Recently, they are produced using industrial strip painting processes. S&WE presents solar paints, their developers and manufacturers…

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Solar Thermal World 10/18/2010:
Chile – Producing Collectors in Jail

Chile’s first – and so far, only – collector manufacturer is producing its collectors at the Colina 1 jail in Santiago de Chile. The workers earn a wage which allows them to help their family. In 2009, the workshop produced 1,500 m2 of collectors with copper fins…

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Sun & Wind Energy 9-10/2013:
Coatings on the Move

Some are preparing for Asia, while others are gearing up towards concentrator collectors – due to the weak European flat-plate collector market, the coaters of solar absorbers are investing in far-away markets and new applications…

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Sun & Wind Energy 4/2015:
Black Instead of Blue?

Blue PVD absorber coatings have prevailed so far on collectors. Given the domination of just one manufacturer, new players are developing alternatives. Black coatings could once again gain in importance…

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