Reflective Roof Coating Installation Guidelines


Energy Star Radiant Barrier Roof Coating
for energy conservation and heat & light reflection

LO/MIT Agricultrual Radiant Barrier 4

LO/MIT-I energy star roof coating applied to chicken house roof.

LO/MIT-I Radiant Barrier Roof Coating is ideally suited for roof top applications since its solvent-based system allows for rapid, tack free setup and hardening. It is part of the Energy Star Cool Roof Program.

LO/MIT-I is a premixed, one part system. It is supplied ready to use. No thinning or tinting is suggested or recommended. LO/MIT-I is heavily pigmented. Agitate thoroughly prior to and as frequently as possible during installation to disperse pigmentation and keep it in suspension. LO/MIT-I may be applied with low nap rollers as certain weather or building conditions may preclude spraying. For smaller areas, air atomization equipment can also be used (25-35PSI). Coverage rate on smooth surfaced roofs is 400 square feet/gallon when sprayed, 300 square feet/gallon when rolled, and 200-250 square feet/gallon when sprayed on ballasted roofs. One thin coat is all that is  required for application.

For airless equipment, remove filters and utilize a self-cleaning 6-13 or 6-15 spray tip. Set pressure level as low as possible for best coverage rates and results. Use solvent resistant, low nap rollers when rolling. Properly mixed, LOMIT-I’s viscosity is similar to water. LO/MIT-I should be applied at roughly 1 mil wet (0.001in) and will dry to less than half that. A second coat or thicker application will not yield better optical properties. Coverage on most surfaces should yield around 400 square feet per gallon sprayed.

LO/MIT-I Reflective roof coating. Stone Briar Country Club, Frisco TX

LO/MIT-I Reflective roof coating. Stone Briar Country Club, Frisco TX

Minimum roof surface temperature should be 75°F (24°C) for application, and the applied coating should be allowed to dry, moisture free, for at least 24 hours. The roof surface should be clean and free of dust and talc and absolutely dry before application. Light pressure washing (with detergent if the roof is extremely dirty) and water rinse (if detergent is used) provides excellent surface preparation. Rusted areas on metal roofs should be mechanically abraded and primed with a suitable primer before application of LO/MIT-I. Built up and tar roofs should be allowed to age for a minimum of six months before the application of LO/MIT-I Radiant Barrier Roof Coating. Ballasted roofs may be pre-coated with a mastic to prevent turnover of the ballast and extend the coverage rate. LO/MIT-I Radiant Barrier Roof Coating is not a sealant. Any leaking or ponding issues should be addresses prior to application.

LO/MIT-I will skin dry within one minute after application. Full cure will generally occur within 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on ambient temperature and humidity.

Because LO/MIT-I is a very thin coating, it may be abraded off the roof surface in areas of high foot traffic. Roof pads should be used on service walkways to roof top equipment. LO/MIT-I should be cleaned with a strong solvent like xylene, toluene or acetone. Be sure to review your sprayer’s compatibility with solvents before using LO/MIT-I. Contact the factory to request MSDS information and use the form below for pricing inquiries.