2016 I-RIM Radiant Barrier Conference

April 19th, 2016 LO/MIT, SOLEC

I-RIM_Conference_GlobeSOLEC invites you to attend the RIMA-International bi-annual convention for reflective insulation, radiant barrier and interior radiation control coating technologies held this year in Hollywood Beach, FL, June 1-3 2016. This international convention is jam-packed with educational sessions on a wide variety of topics from some of the industry’s biggest names and experts. Presentation topics this year include:

·   How to Use DOE’s Roof Savings Calculator (Hands on demo – Pre-show event)

·   US Housing: The Gradual Recovery So Far and Prospects for Stronger Starts in the Next 5-10 Years

·   EU and US Technologies and Strategies

·   Overview of Thermal Resistance of Enclosed Reflective Airspaces for Different Building Applications

·   Passive Radiative Cooling (Self-cooling materials)

·   Advances in Protection of Plastics

·   Attic Radiant Barrier Systems to Save Energy

·   Field Evaluation of Radiant Barrier and Reflective Insulation products in Malaysia

·   Commentary on ASTM C1224

·   European Standardization and the Global Evolution

·   Evaluating Reflective Duct Insulation

·   Roof/Attic Thermal Performance Simulations – 2015/16 Update

·   Certification of Reflective Insulation for the European Market

·   A Survey of Radiant Barrier and IRCC Modeling and Simulations

·   The Role of Third Party Ratings in Supporting the Roofing Industry

·   Mainstreaming the HERS Index

·   An overview of the Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction (BA-PIRC)

·   Reflective Insulation in Russia

·   Latin America R-Value Standardization

·   Reinforcing Our Place In Space

·   ASHRAE 90.1

·   Alternative Uses for Reflectives

If you have any interest in thermal systems in building applications, this is the conference to attend. To learn more about the conference and register, please visit the RIMA link here


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