SOLKOTE Powers Solar Cooling Plant in Abu Dhabi

July 8th, 2011 SOLEC, SOLKOTE

Sopogy MicroCSP Parabolic Trough Solar Collector

MicroCSP parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors designed by Sopogy utilizing the SOLKOTE Selective Solar Coating technology have been implemented in a solar air conditioning system that will provide cooling for a 1700m2 (18,000ft2) office in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This pilot program features a 50-refrigeration-ton double-effect absorption chiller cooling system and will undergo a comprehensive two-year testing phase for viability as a cost-effective solution for medium-scale cooling in a region known for extremes in solar heat gain.

via The Future Build:

Masdar Turns to Sun’s Heat to Cool Buildings

Masdar has successfully activated a proprietary double-effect solar thermal cooling system – the first in the Gulf region and one of only a handful in the world – to test the viability of using the sun’s heat to cool buildings at Masdar City, the emerging low-carbon cleantech cluster being constructed on the outskirts of the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. Designed and engineered by Masdar, the pilot plant is the only one in the world to combine two different concentrating solar thermal collector technologies in a single system.

“Green” air conditioning systems generally consist of conventional compression chillers powered by electricity from photovoltaic panels or concentrated solar power plants. While such conventional chillers and air conditioners use electricity to run a compressor, a double-effect absorption chiller such as the one being tested at Masdar City uses heat to activate a chemical process that provides chilled water for cooling…
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MicroCSP Cooling at Masdar
Chilling with Solar in the Desert
Sopogy and Masdar Partner to Provide Solar Cooling Solution

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