Why Contractors Should Use LO/MIT Radiant Barrier Coating

As a contractor, you want to give your customers the best product for the best value with the least amount of potential problems. You can help your customers in residential or commercial spaces reduce interior temperatures and air conditioning costs with our cost-effective, efficient LO/MIT Radiant Barrier Coating.

LO/MIT Radiant Barrier Coating is superior to other insulation products applied to the underside of the roof for the following main reasons:

Spray Foam Method

– Spray Foam installation requires expensive machinery to install.

– Spray Foam can lock in moisture, as it may not be a completely permeable substance. This makes it difficult to find leaks and can cause problems with rot of the roof sheathing.

– Spray Foam may be highly flammable and can easily combust.radiant coating vs foam

– Applicators have to wear especially protective equipment during application process.

– Installed cost tends to be far more expensive, making for a more difficult sale.

Foil Radiant Barrier Method

– Radiant Foil installation can become damaged in the form of rips, tears, or de-lamination.

– Radiant Foils are excellent conductors of electricity, which can cause problems if a home is struck by lightning.

– Foil laminated to sheathing or stapled to rafters after construction can mask roof leaks and possible mold growth.

– Stapled foils are more labor-intensive to retrofit, making for a more difficult sale.

– Foils may affect cell phone reception in the home.

LO/MIT Radiant Barrier Coating offers contractors the following benefits:

LO/MIT radiant barrier coating– Cost-Effective. Unlike other products that require expensive, specialized equipment to apply, LO/MIT is applied with a simple airless paint sprayer, eliminating expensive and difficult to maintain spray foam rigs. This means limited up front cost. In addition, the cost of LO/MIT coating offers a better value and higher profit margins.

– Safe to Use. LO/MIT is available in water-based, low VOC formulations. Clean up is simple with soap and water.

– Less Damaging. Unlike foil or foam, the LO/MIT coating will not rip, tear, or delaminate. It is Class-A fire rated for flame and smoke, electrically non-conductive and will not support mold growth. It also will not affect cell phone reception and will not cause damage to exterior roofing materials.

– Customer Satisfaction. You can assure your customers that no maintenance, recoat or upgrades will be required for the lifetime of the LO/MIT installation

– Third-Party Tested. LO/MIT has been successfully used in industry for over 30 years.

As a contractor, installing radiant barrier coatings can be extremely profitable for your business with minimal amount of labor and capital investment.

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