Energy Star’s Rule Your Attic! Campaign

November 3rd, 2015 LO/MIT, SOLEC

ES_RuleYourAtticGraphic_LIn homes across America, poorly sealed and under-insulated attics are making homeowners uncomfortable and taking money out of their pockets by contributing to unnecessarily high utility bills. But just one small trip up to their attic this heating season could help homeowners take control over high utility bills and save big – up to 10% a year according to ENERGY STAR.

SOLEC encourages you to team up with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program in launching the Rule Your Attic! campaign to increase homeowners’ awareness of the benefits of proper sealing and insulation, starting with the attic. Properly sealing and insulating a home can save up to 10% on annual utility bills and drastically improve comfort, and the attic is typically one place where homeowners can see the biggest bang for their buck.

Launching October 1 and running through November 20, Rule Your Attic! is a fun, consumer outreach campaign that asks homeowners to take that first step towards greater energy efficiency by going into their attics and assessing their insulation levels. Homeowners can take and post pictures or videos of their attic insulation levels to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using the hashtag #RuleYourAttic, where ENERGY STAR sealing and insulation experts will offer tips through follow-up posts. Find out more at Rule Your Attic

And while you and the homeowner are in the attic measuring the insulation levels, look up. If your roof sheathing is not silver-colored, you can also benefit from installing LO/MIT attic heat barrier. In climate areas that see modest to major air conditioning usage, LO/MIT can be an ideal complimentary technology to standard insulation to achieve greater home energy efficiency. By allowing less heat to enter the attic space from the roof, LO/MIT enables the insulation to operate more efficiently at a cooler temperature, increasing its effective R-value performance. Find out more at

Contractors, see the Energy Star Rule Your Attic! Tool Kit here for tips and promotional materials.


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