Javalambre Observatory Astrophysical Survey

July 23rd, 2015 LO/MIT, SOLEC, Uncategorized

The Observatorio Astrophysico de Javalambre (OAJ) is located in the Aragon region of Spain, on a peak near a small village called Teruel. The location is 1957 meters above sea level and is described as a site with very low artificial light contamination, ideal for a smaller, relatively low cost observatory. The astrophysical survey will be performed by two jointly operating telescopes: a main 2.5m mirror, 1.2 gigapixel (2nd largest in the world) camera, and a smaller 80cm mirror, 85 megapixel camera. The tandem will cooperate, covering approximately 8000 square degrees of sky over a 5 year period, to accurately measure photometric redshifts in galaxies, study star populations in galaxies, better resolve images of supernovae and active galactic nuclei and possibly learn about the nature of dark energy. LO/MIT was used to coat the dome of the observatory structure to help control the temperature regime for the housed telescopes and to provide a low e signature for the structure to help improve optical performance, minimizing thermal interference.

Javalambre Observatory

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