LO/MIT Newsletter: 2015 Q1

January 21st, 2015 LO/MIT, Newsletter, SOLEC



2015 – Quarter 1

The warmest year ever! A new report from NASA and NOAA details that 2014 was the hottest year on record and that should make energy conservation a top priority for many in 2015.

Here is a great article with some small steps homeowners can take to significantly lower their energy consumption in 2015 and beyond.

Long-term investments

You can save money in the long run by investing in modern appliances, energy-efficient windows, home sealants and newer heating and cooling systems. Adding insulation lowers air loss, making it easier and cheaper to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Other options:

  • Radiant heat barriers: They keep heat out in the summer and keep it in during the winter, reducing heat gain by up to 93%. “Radiant barriers perform best in hot climates and hot conditions, but they can also benefit in cold climates by holding heat in the house,” says Robert Wadsworth of the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association.

LO/MIT radiant barrier is an ideal way to reduce the carbon footprint of a home or structure at a low cost, by lowering its demand on air conditioning. LO/MIT is used as a heat reflector in a wide variety of industries to help control thermal flows, reduce energy costs and increase performance.

We look forward to helping you solve your heat transfer problems in 2015!

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LO/MIT In the News:

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), soon to be the most advanced and powerful optical telescope on earth, will have its dome coated with LO/MIT-I because of its superb optical and thermal properties.

  • SOLEC Featured in ICAA’s Nov/Dec 2014 Contractor Report

ICAA (Insulation Contractors Association of America) has focused its member supplier spotlight on SOLEC in the November/December 2014 Contractor Report. In it, SOLEC discusses some major events and projects over its 40 year history, talks about the development behind some its most successful solar selective and radiant barrier coating technologies and includes some impressive pictures from a handful of notable installations. SOLEC appreciates the exposure to an exciting and growing industry that is hungry for new types of energy conservation technologies like the LO/MIT Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems.

LO/MIT is used as a heat reflector in several locations on the Falcon 9 rocketry and Dragon Capsule for SpaceX. LO/MIT is the only radiant barrier coating certified by NASA for space applications.

Rocket crash-lands on ocean barge

Commercial Crew announcement: starting in 2017

Here’s how reusable rocket would work: video

Do you have LO/MIT news to share? send it to info@solec.org

Spotlight: LO/MIT

John Moore Services


John Moore’s History:

In 1965 John Moore started out as a small plumbing company. Over the years, more and more families and businesses have relied on us for honest, straight-forward service with the confidence to refer their friends and family.

Today John Moore is still locally owned and operated and we specialize in all types of home comfort and maintenance systems including air conditioning, heating, radiant barrier, attic insulation, electrical, plumbing, pest control, lawn & shrub care, carpet cleaning and water damage restoration.

Our team of qualified technicians will work with your schedule whether it’s same day or emergency service, even on weekends. You approve the price before we start. When it comes to home comfort and maintenance, remember to “Call John & Get Moore!”

John Moore and LO/MIT Radiant Barrier:

We have installed LO/MIT Radiant Barrier product in hundreds of homes since we became an authorized installer in 2012.  Our technicians love the product saying “it’s the best radiant barrier product on the market”.  LO/MIT is easy to install as it sprays smoothly and evenly. The radiant barrier coverage of LO/MIT is above par and our customers couldn’t agree more. They’re staying comfortable in their home and saving energy at the same time!

John Moore Services Houston and the surrounding areas.



Toll Free 1-877-730-2525

Or visit www.JohnMooreServices.com

License #’s: TACLB38048E, M-38638, TECL22839, TPCL11201

*Limited Availability. Subject to change. 


Current Projects/Looking Ahead:

SOLEC has completed the ES-CRRC Energy Star Certification process with its LO/MIT-I coating. This is the new third party verification program for Energy Star rated roof coatings.

SOLEC is currently working with RIMA-I and ASTM on the inclusion of Interior Radiation Control Coating systems into the International Building Code. The International Code Council‘s IBC: Section 720 “Thermal and Sound Insulating Materials” will soon include sections covering the use and compliance of IRCCs.

ICAA Show. Las Vegas, NV 10/1-10/3, 2015. SOLEC will again be exhibiting the LO/MIT products at the Insulation Contractors’ Association of America Convention at the Red Rock Resort (Booth # TBD) in October. We hope many of our contractor friends plan to attend. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us during the convention, please contact Robert Aresty at info@solec.org to coordinate. We will have a reminder about this in our next newsletter later in the year.

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