Radiant Barrier Keeps Cattle Cool

July 26th, 2016 LO/MIT, SOLEC

Sometimes comfort can be a more important reason for installing a radiant barrier coating than air conditioning savings. Take, for example, the recent testimonial we received from a cattle rancher in Houston, TX. The carport shed he uses to get his cattle out of the hot summer sun isn’t conditioned, and he found the inside of the shed was actually much warmer from the radiant heat gain than the ambient temperature was outside. In an effort to make his “boys” more comfortable, this rancher applied our LO/MIT-II MAX product to all the interior surfaces and now the cattle can get a respite from the heat. Comfortable cows are happy cows and that makes this rancher a happy customer:


When I bought some Lo/Mitt Max last winter I called your help line to ask some questions about sprayer settings.  I told the helpful rep that I was using the product to spray the inside of a metal carport that I use for a run in shed for my cattle to get out of the summertime Texas heat.  He ask me to let them know how it turns out.  Well, I applied the radiant barrier in February to give it a good cure time before I let the cattle in.  It’s now July and hot as blazes here.  The steers really seem to like the now comfortable shelter all day long.  Last year before I used your product when it was 98 degrees out, it was about 105+ degrees in the metal shelter.  This year, I measured the outside temp at 97 degrees in the sun and inside the shelter it was 95!  I put up a fan to move the air around and it is so much more comfortable in there it is amazing.  Your product is awesome and the boys thank you.  Just thought you might want to hear about an unusual application of your product.  I’ve attached a couple of pictures I took after spraying it on.



Houston, TX

cattle shed 2 cattle shed 1

And a follow-up here:


I sent you an email testimonial about my results using your Lo/Mitt Max product in my metal cattle shed.  Just to follow up, this afternoon I took the temperature outside in the sun and it read 104+ degrees (it actually got up to 106 but I wanted to get in the shade).  Inside the metal cattle shed it was 97 degrees.  So in my unscientific experiment, that is pretty damn good on a really hot day.  It makes a big difference to the comfort of my boys because I don’t have any big shade trees in their pasture.  See the attached photos for shots of the thermometer.



Houston, TX

Outside temp in sun Inside shed temp

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