SNIPS Magazine Highlights Radiant Barriers and IRCCs

June 19th, 2013 LO/MIT, SOLEC

via SNIPS Magazine:

Saving Energy with Radiant Barriers and HVAC Ductwork
by Mario A. Medina

Attic Radiant Barriers and Interior radiation control coatings are proven technologies that significantly reduce the flow of radiant heat across attic spaces.

This reduction in radiant heat lowers heat flows across the ceilings of buildings. Lower heat flows across the ceilings of buildings potentially translates into smaller cooling and heating systems, and building operation cost savings. The energy savings increase when the HVAC ducts are located in attic spaces outfitted with the above-mentioned technologies.

As a direct consequence of increased pressure for reducing energy use and decreasing the electrical peak demand that result from building operations, the use and sometimes the excessive use of of insulation has been encouraged. Although most forms of building insulation – fiberglass, mineral fibers, cellulose, cellular plastic, etc. – have played an essential role in making buildings more energy-efficient and in reducing electrical peak demand, the amount of insulation that can be added to a wall or to an attic space is limited by the physical dimensions of the wall frames and ceiling frames.

Attic radiant barriers and interior radiation control coatings present a different way of increasing the thermal performance of existing or to-be-installed insulation within the space between roofs and ceilings of buildings…
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