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May 28th, 2015 Newsletter, SOLEC, SOLKOTE

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SEIA Annual PV Solar Installations

2015 – Quarter 2

Solar growth! That is all we see and read about, in the U.S. and around the globe. As technologies improve, costs go down and new funding sources open up, solar manufacturers are seeing a boom of growth in PV, solar thermal and concentrating systems worldwide. Here are some recent headlines:

U.S. Solar Energy Industry Achieves Record Shattering Year

Solar Thermal Industry Market is Expected to Grow at Exponential rate by 2021

Here’s How Much Faster Wind and Solar are Growing Than Fossil Fuels

U.S. Solar Generation Doubles in 2014, Renewable Output Grew 11%

Solar and Wind Drove New Clean Energy Investment up 12% in 2014

Solar Power Sees Unprecedented Boom in U.S.

Bright Future for Utility-Scale Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power Markets at $964 Million Are Anticipated To Reach $175.9 Billion by 2017

SOLKOTE HI/SORB-II is an extremely cost-effective selective surface spray-applied to most solar thermal absorber substrates and can handle a wide variety of temperature regimes and environments. Its silicone polymers allow up to 1000F (538C) operational or stagnation temperatures and its application requires the least amount of capital investment in the industry – a simple paint sprayer. With over 30 years of experience and continuous in-field use, SOLKOTE is peerless in the industry at providing an extremely low cost, yet long-lived, stable absorber for the life of your collector.

Improve your technology and lower your costs by getting “Powered by SOLKOTE”! We look forward to continuing the growth of the solar marketplace with you!

Areva Solar CLFR Concentrator

SOLKOTE In the News:

Rajasthan, Inda – Reliance Power announces that it has successfully connected the world’s largest concentrating solar power array with CLFR technology (100MW) to the grid. Areva Solar provided the CLFR technology for the project which utilizes the unique properties and characteristics of the SOLKOTE Selective Solar Coating for its absorber surface.
India Builds Major Concentrated Solar Project

  • SOLEC Featured in ICAA’s Nov/Dec 2014 Contractor Report

ICAA (Insulation Contractors Association of America) has focused its member supplier spotlight on SOLEC in the November/December 2014 Contractor Report. In it, SOLEC discusses some major events and projects over its 40 year history, talks about the development behind some its most successful solar selective and radiant barrier coating technologies and includes some impressive pictures from a handful of notable installations.

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Spotlight: SOLKOTE

Sun Earth, Inc. – Fontana, CA, USA

 SunEarth logo

SunEarth is one of the most experienced solar thermal manufacturers in the world. Since 1978, SunEarth has designed and built industry-leading solar hot water collectors, components and packaged systems. Every SunEarth product is constructed to exacting standards with the world’s harshest climates and environmental conditions in mind. Our commitment to performance, durability and innovation is unparalleled – SunEarth is a global leader in renewable energy technology, offering more SRCC certified system options than anyone else in the world.

Over thirty-36 years of engineering and design experience is built into every solar hot water collector, component and system we manufacture. SunEarth products are marketed in the U.S. and abroad by leading wholesalers, dealers and professional installation contractors.

In addition to our unmatched experience in the U.S. market, SunEarth is rooted in a deep sense of environmental stewardship. Since our founding in 1978, a core precept of our mission has been to actively participate in the task of reducing America’s dangerous dependence on polluting fossil fuels.

SunEarth, for example, has supported the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Homes research initiative from its inception. Through the right combination of energy efficiency, solar water heating and on-site renewable generation such as PV, architects can design homes and buildings that are comfortable, affordable and nearly emission free. Zero Energy Homes and Buildings are here today and SunEarth’s manufacturing facility in Fontana, California is a leading example.

SunEarth’s primary production facility is served by an 184kW Solar World photovoltaic array that provides all the required electrical energy for our offices, production equipment, and forklifts. The facility also features natural daylighting, T-5 lighting when necessary, waterless toilet fixtures and drought tolerant landscaping.

If your company believes in developing long-term business relationships with companies that put their money where their values are, then we hope that you will consider joining SunEarth’s growing roster of OEM, distribution, and contractor partners.

SunEarth has been a SOLKOTE customer for over 20 years. 

SunEarth, Inc.
8425 Almeria Ave.
Fontana, CA 92335

SunEarth Solar Installation

SunEarth solar Installation Waikiki Shores

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