Vanilla Scented Attic Heat Barrier (IRCC)

November 15th, 2017 LO/MIT, SOLEC
Ewing, NJ USA, November 15, 2017 –
SOLEC-Solar Energy Corporation (SOLEC) is proud to announce a new improvement in its Interior Radiation Control Coating (IRCC) formulations, LO/MIT-II and LO/MIT-II MAX are now vanilla scented. After receiving feedback from the field about the odor for applicators and homeowners, SOLEC’s team of chemists worked to find a solution that improved the quality of the products during use while maintaining their superior optical and thermal properties. The result is an attic that is cooler in the summer, but also has a pleasant vanilla scent.
SOLEC’s LO/MIT-II (e=0.17) and LO/MIT-II MAX (e=0.15) IRCCs are the industry leaders in spray-applied attic heat barrier technology. These products are most effective in warmer climates and areas that see longer air conditioning seasons. Sprayed to the underside of the roof deck, LO/MIT lessens the roof’s ability to radiate heat inward, keeping the structure cooler and lowering air conditioning costs. Installed easily with any airless paint sprayer, LO/MIT is the perfect technology for contractors and homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient at a low cost. For use in new construction and retrofits in most commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Low-cost alternative to radiant barrier foil products.
About SOLEC-Solar Energy Corp. – Established in 1974, SOLEC is the world’s largest manufacturer of specialized heat reflecting and absorbing optical coatings that serve the solar, building, roofing, automotive, aeronautics, and manufacturing industries. SOLEC exports to over 30 countries and all of its products are developed and produced in its solar heated factory in New Jersey.
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