Installing  LOMITlogoeffects-300x121Attic Heat Barrier?

Here’s what you need:



  • Hand drillHand Drill
  • Spray tip (SIZE 13 OR 15, reversible/self cleaning)Spray Tip


  • Garbage bags
  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Extension cord(s)
  • Wet wipes
  • Extra plywood pieces to use as movable flooring (if needed)


Here’s how to prep:

  • Make sure roof temperature is above freezing
  • Turn off powered ventilation and all HVAC equipment
  • Drop cloth attic flooring, pathway into & out of attic space
  • Drop cloth or remove personal items in attic
  • Sweep away dust/cobwebs (if necessary)
  • Mask outlets/fixtures with painter’s tape
  • Remove filters from paint sprayer (optional)
  • Test-spray water through sprayer & adjust pressure. LO/MIT has a similar viscosity to water
  • SET PRESSURE AS LOW AS POSSIBLE to get a mist to land on the surface. There should not be any pooled liquid running down the substrate. Lowest pressure setting also minimizes airborne particulate/wet fall and helps extend coverage rates
  • Practice on scrap plywood/OSB to get comfortable before spraying roof
  • Close attic access for installation to be sure odor stays in attic

Here’s how to install:


  • Remove lid
  • PRE-MIX 2-3 MINUTES prior to usage to disperse settled material
  • No thinning is required or suggested
  • Insert sprayer intake into LO/MIT bucket
  • MIX AS YOU GO, use constant agitation to keep LO/MIT distributed


  • ONLY APPLY ONE COAT, it’s all you need for LO/MIT to work
  • Evenly spray the entire roof surface including rafters, truss members, sidewalls, gable ends – spray tip should be about 12in away from surface and as perpendicular to the surface as is reasonable
  • LO/MIT is thin! Wet film thickness should be about 1mil (0.001in) and the coating will dry to about a quarter of that. You should still see all the grain characteristics in the wood, but everything should be silver – no wood color!
  • Coverage should be about 2,000sqft per pail (400sqft/gal)
  • Spraying electrical wiring is ok, but avoid light fixtures and outlets as well as soffits, ridges or gable vents that could get LO/MIT on your home’s exterior
  • Start with the peak of the roof and work your way toward the eaves. That way if you run out, the warmest parts of the roof have been coated first
  • Check your work! Be sure to review all sprayed areas for full coverage before cleaning up – Shine a light around and touch up any thin areas

Here’s how to clean up: 

  • Run hot water/soap through sprayer to clean intake/hose/gun
  • Clean tip/extension wand with soap & hot water
  • If empty, wash 5-gallon container with soap & hot water and recycle
  • If not empty, re-cover and store up to one year in cool place for future use
  • Remove gloves/coveralls/booties & dispose
  • Remove drop cloths & launder or dispose
  • Wash goggles and remove & replace respirator filters
  • Wash hands and face (or use wet wipes), launder clothes, get a shower

Odds & Ends:

  • Turn on power ventilation/HVAC only after all airborne particulate has settled
  • Vanilla scent should dissipate within 24 hours, depending on ventilation
  • If the smell permeates into the home or is bothersome, open all windows to aerate the house for as long as necessary – LO/MIT is low VOC and non-hazardous.
  • LO/MIT may take a few weeks to fully cure, but starts working right away. Curing is time, temperature and humidity dependent
  • Be sure to leave a 2” AIRSPACE if you install any other insulation down the road! LO/MIT CANNOT BE SANDWICHED between two solid materials or it will not function thermally as intended. LO/MIT CANNOT BE OVER-COATED by another paint for the same reason
  • Review SDS, TDS, vignettes and visit our website for additional information
  • Any questions? We have the answers! Contact us any time at the factory:

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* The links in this document are to products that would be suitable for this type of application, however other equivalent products can also be used. If you have questions about the suitability of alternative products, please contact us at the factory.